Dance Theatre Works


Masc 4 Marginalisation (2018)

Masc 4 Marginalisation tackles prejudices and manufactured marginalisations within modern gay culture.

This work is inspired by modern issues that are perhaps leading the community’s ever-progressive flow to a temporary standstill. Addressing masculinity, femininity, and fluidity, we explore current categories set out to label and pigeonhole those within LGBTQ+ communities. We delve into what could be when social ‘boxes’ are deconstructed, boundaries are blurred, and the space between individuals are rid of prejudice or preference.

Choreography - Brian Gillespie

Assisted by - Sophie Owen

Performers - Dakarayi Mashava, Sydney Robertson, Ted Rogers

Understudy - Dan Thatcher

Reviews of Masc 4 Marginalisation

(...)an absorbing interrogation of the male gender.
- Graham Watts (Dancing Times)
Masc 4 Marginalisation, a richly symbolic take on contemporary LGBTQ+ identity. (...) “Forget the pigeon-holes,” Masc 4 Marginalisation seems to scream – “it’s better to fail together than to strive alone.”
- Amelia Forsbrook (Exuent Magazine)
Simple but effective. (...) Highly provocative.
- John O’Dwyer (Seen and Heard International)

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Breaking Breath 2015-Present

B-Hybrid Dance presents ‘Breaking Breath’ - a dance experience that addresses the arduous efforts made to preserve native tongues in modern day society.

Accompanied by community workshops, Breaking Breath is a work based on language, communication and community inspired by the Irish government’s 20 year strategy to preserve Gaeilge.

Choreography - Brian Gillespie

Original composition - Cameron Gallaher Videography/Edit - Alice Underwood Films Performers - Eloise Sheldon, Goele Michaux, Jumar Aben, Liam Duffy.

B-Hybrid Dance Pace.jpg

Pace 2014

'Pace' The intricate skill of harmonising an active mind and lifestyle, with one of rest and leisure, stimulates the creation of Pace.

A study into the complexity of our chosen soundtrack has spurred us to explore the feelings, habits, and attitudes produced from the pace in which we take our own personal lives.

Choreography: Brian Gillespie.

Dancers; Eloise Sheldon, Jumar Aben, Lucy Sam, Alex Buchanan, Sofia Micy, Hattie Grover